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Bob DeMoss
Hazel the Outlaw Mummy
Bob DeMoss, author

MANYBOOKS.NET May 2021 Book of the Month Pick

New York Times bestselling author Bob DeMoss presents his encounter with Hazel Farris, a hard-living, wild Kentucky woman. Born in 1880, Hazel's penchant for fast living and faster guns, finally caught up with her in 1906 when her husband fell victim of his wife's outrage, steel nerve, and deadly aim.

Did Hazel shoot the sheriff and his deputy? How did she become mummified? Did 500,000 people actually pay to see her remains? Is her story a tall tale—or the real deal? Does a country carny who introduced Hazel to the author hold the key to the truth? And, why do we hold on to things in life which should have been buried long ago?

DeMoss has collaborated with Phil Robertson/Duck Dynasty, Tim LaHaye/Left Behind, and Skip Yowell/JanSport.



Bob DeMoss draws you into this story and makes you feel like you are right there with him, absorbing every moment and twist in the story. He's a gifted storyteller who paints pictures and develops rich characters with an economy of words. I thoroughly enjoyed this captivating tale and look forward to reading more books from this author. Highly recommend.

It's not only a fascinating story, but the way the author describes things, especially the main character, makes you feel like you're right in the scene. So well done! —Gregg R. Stutts

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From the first line to the last, Bob DeMoss weaves a compelling and gripping story. Colorfully written, he transports the reader into the various scenes with great detail and purpose. Succinct but quick moving, no words are wasted.

Best of all, it's not just a good story - and DeMoss has few peers when it comes to his level of storytelling. This reads contains profound truths that promise to breathe new life into tired and frustrated readers, especially those struggling to let go of a past slight. Entertaining, edifying and thoughtful, learning more about Hazel and Luther will inevitably lead you to discovering more about yourself and those around you - and hopefully, before it's too late! —Jules Loves To Shop