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Scott Weaver, a snarky middle-aged dead man with a gift, hates his job. Punished for ending his own life and career as a surgeon, Scott finds himself stuck in his personal purgatory where he can only leave if he works as a "HEALER" to save all the poor citizens of Blister City, a corrupt city. But one night on the job, he is unable to heal an old friend who ends up dying. Filled with the guilt of not being able to save his friend, Scott travels down a dark path filled with gritty strip clubs and rundown bars. Doomed to remain stuck in his world forever, Scott is sent a canine companion from above with just as much attitude as him. With his time in purgatory coming to an end, Scott is set on the right path and looks to gain redemption. But when his powers fail him, Scott is left to wonder if he healed the wrong man. He is soon faced with a devestating choice, make one last heal and redeem himself from his own personal hell or commit the ultimate sin to condemn himself in order to save countless souls from a fate worse than death.