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Emil Rem
Heart of New York
Emil Rem, author
NEW YORK IS THE BACKDROP FOR A FAMILY CHRISTMAS FULL OF COMPLICATED MEMORIES AND NEW PERSPECTIVES The adventure continues... In his second novel—another collection of beautifully written and illustrated stories—Emil takes us through perilous, sometimes humorous, and always fascinating tales of a past and present that seamlessly intertwine to create a personal narrative that will resonate with every reader. ...“The snow-flaked, fog-bound skyline of Manhattan loomed out at him as though through a powerful magnifying glass. His family had been promised a suite from which they could "experience the breathtaking vista of magnificent skyscrapers while sipping champagne from your balcony.” No skyline could be perceived. The giant buildings stood so terrifyingly close that they obliterated any sense of perspective. Through the swirling maelstrom, row upon row of offices soared to dizzying heights, bringing on such claustrophobia that he had to turn his back to retain his balance...”