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Terreece M. Clarke
Heartbeat, A Courageous Love Novel
Maya Anderson only knows success: set a goal, create a plan, achieve. Everything she can control she does, down to her color-coordinated closet. Then someone tried to kill her. Now, she has a new goal: stay alive. New town. New identity. No men. A decent, three-step plan to give her a fighting chance, until a run-in with a local detective with haunted green eyes leaves her vulnerable in more ways than one. Mike Sheppard left his hometown in the Colorado mountains a bruised, broken kid vowing never to return. Yet here he is 20 years later, paying dues for the dead. He’s built a life protecting the vulnerable, and as the town’s newest detective, he’s determined to restore trust and honor to a department recovering from decades of corruption. Truth. Transparency. Dedication to the law. A decent, three-step plan to give him and the town a fighting chance, until a run-in with a suspected drunk driver with the devil on her heels leaves him wanting more. Neither are ready for this, but is anyone ever ready for the kind of love that stops your heart? Spicy scenes, laugh-out-loud moments, suspense, danger, and epic love makes this romantic suspense novel a great read for romance readers who couldn’t put down Penny Reid's Winston Brothers series … This contemporary romantic suspense novel marks the debut of bestselling author Terreece M. Clarke in the romance genre.

A beautifully written story full of heart, suspense and love. Terreece crafted a beautiful, heartbreaking and funny story about survival, second chances and unexpected, but much appreciated, found family. I adored Maya—the brilliant and quirky architect that the story centers around—and despite Mike being a cop, I enjoyed them together so much. They both healed and cared for each other and found a way to make it past their demons to create a beautiful life together. An amazing read for sure.

-JL Seegars

Wow. Just wow.

I really enjoyed this book it was packed full of storyline, there were constant twists and turns that made for such a suspenseful and intense read. It all flowed together so well and never left anything unsaid or left wondering.

Maya and Mike are such a sweet couple that needed each other all along and it was almost as through fate intervened to help guide them to the same path as each other. Mike was working the Griffin case for a lengthy time and maya was dating the man and eventually these forces came together to help build a bigger case.

I love how readily Mike accepted that maya was pregnant to this abusive man and stepped right up to take his place by her side as the dad to sweet baby Michaela.

The family dynamics in this were beautiful how openly Maya was brought into the fold within the town and how she became so important to them in that in her time of need she had a task team of her loved ones ready to step right in and make sure she could defend herself but also be protected.

Such an amazing book.

-Melissa Lee