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Jen Finelli, MD
Heartbeat in the Hallways
HEARTBEAT IN THE HALLWAYS blends metaphysical symbolism with strains of romance, dystopian, and "alien encounter" science fiction for a powerful novella that will challenge your perceptions of self, spirit, and other. Perfect for fans of classics like THE ARRIVAL and PERELANDRA, HEARTBEAT follows a selfish, successful resident of a symbiotic society that provides for his every need--until he's thrust into an underworld of poverty and intrigue that changes everything he thought he knew. When an ethereal energy sprite kidnaps Rayn, drags him through space, and dumps him in a nuclear wasteland, Rayn's not exactly happy about leaving the warm, living city-organism he calls home. The wasteland's crawling with armed brutes enforcing order for 'the Prince'--and waifs who talk in riddles about an Invader they hope dethrones him. Quite frankly, Rayn thinks they're all creeps. Then there's Nina: a bad-ass in black leather with a head for philosophy, and best of all, she's politically neutral. Rayn's infatuated. But when he discovers the Prince is using their heartbeats to fuel a war machine, Rayn chooses sides. Nina refuses to join him--but if he follows his heart for her, he may lose his heart altogether. Rayn's heartbeat may literally kill him.