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Hell in the Heavens; The Saga of a WW@ Bomber Pilot
In this book, Colonel David Tavel recounts his harrowing experiences as a bomber pilot during numerous missions over war-torn Europe. It begins by taking readers back to 1937 and the inception of Colonel Tavel's distinguished flying career, culminating in the victorious European campaign in 1945. Like every crewmember on these bombers, Colonel Tavel would risk life and limb every time he took to the flak-filled skies over Nazi-controlled Europe. Many brave airmen would give the ultimate sacrifice during the treacherous bombing campaigns, while others would be shot down and taken as prisoners of war, but still, there were a few men—like Tavel—that would make it through the war with dozens of successful missions to his credit. From one of America's finest aerial warriors, relive the missions, hazards, and even bits of humor, as they soared to claim ultimate victory. In order to place the missions into a worldwide context, provide actual photographs, interview a still-surviving crew member, supply explanations of aeronautical/military concepts, and draw parallels with today's world events, Dr. Morton E. Tavel has added substantially to the book's message and impact.    Paul Fruhwirth, military aviation historian, has written the following about this book:   I found this method of telling the story most helpful as it provided both a connected personal and impersonal view of the war, something that is often not contained in history books.   The highlight of the book for me was the way humour and more importantly humility, was used to give an insight into the life and thoughts of not only Lt. Col. Tavel but also the men around him. I cannot recommend this book highly enough, as I believe that it is important that the experiences of our lesser known heroes are not forgotten. I hope that more families who have diaries or manuscripts from this era do what Morton Tavel has done and create a wonderful legacy for all.