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Joan Wilder
Help for Women with ADHD in Bite-Sized Pieces
Joan Wilder, author

More Help is a collection of 140 stand-alone pieces that explores how women with ADHD can work on their challenges, quiet their inner critics, and wake up their assets.


In quintessential ADHD style, the pieces are personal, anecdotal reflections that illuminate, celebrate, and tackle our struggles and triumphs with curiosity, grief, gratitude, and a bit of irreverence: (“If you can’t clean the f*cking house, you can’t clean the house: It doesn’t make you an axe murderer.”)


Because each piece stands alone, you can open the book at random and read any single entry, or better yet, read the whole book from start to finish!


The entries in the book are grouped into four sections:

*Seeing how your difficult traits play out.

*Recognizing your assets.

*Positioning yourself physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually -- toward ADHD and the fact of your having ADHD.

*Using dozens of strategies to help you work on your hard parts -- Mind, Body, and Spirit.