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Help Your Dog Fight Cancer
Every day in the U.S., about 10,000 dogs are diagnosed with cancer. Still, owners are always shocked to hear the diagnosis. The owner is desperate to save their beloved dog and in need of guidance to make treatment decisions. The main source of information and guidance for the owner of a dog with cancer is usually their veterinarian. This is unfortunate! Most veterinarians today are well trained to sell, sell, sell. They clearly have a bias in choosing treatments options. This book offers a plain-English, easy to digest explanation of cancer in dogs, by veterinary medical researcher / writer Laurie Kaplan. Kaplan reviews causes, prevention and types of cancer and offers guidance for how to communicate with the veterinary medical team; choose treatment options; provide a diet and supplements to fight cancer; be prepared for cancer side effects and treatment side effects; be prepared for the course of events that comes after a diagnosis of canine cancer. She discusses the current tendency toward over-diagnosis and over-treatment; the decision not to provide treatment at all; the decision to stop treatment. Throughout the book, the dog's quality of life is the most important consideration in making decisions. Through Help Your Dog Fight Cancer, readers will turn despair into confidence and become their best friend's best advocate.