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Annette Meredith
Author, Illustrator
Helping the Hummingbirds (ISBN 150246673
Called "flying jewels" by the early explorers, hummingbirds delight people of all ages with their antics, but many do not realize their important role in plant pollination or their usefulness in controlling insect pests like aphids and mosquitoes. "Helping the Hummingbirds" introduces children of elementary school age to the fascinating world of hummingbirds and teaches them how we can help these tiny aeronautical experts to flourish in our backyards. A helpful and informative section for parents and teachers is included and this book can be a springboard for discussions on a lot of interesting topics such as migration, pollination, the food chain, and the principles of flight. This book is part of the "Nature On Our Doorstep" series, designed to inspire children to learn about the world around us.

By Micc C on 13 December, 2014

Lovely book, I was so impresed with the saving the bees book I bought an extra copy as a gift and added this to get the free delivery. I was not disappointed.
Packed with beautiful pictures and interesting facts I've learned so much about hummingbirds and my children love it. If you live somewhere that has hummingbirds there are some lovely ideas and simple projects to encourage them to your garden too. This book has left me wishing I did!

By Gale Singer Adland on 5 December, 2014

Helping the Hummingbirds is a book for parents and children to share together. The photographs are stunning, and allow the reader to see the birds, their habitats, nests, and favorite food sources. Whether you have hummingbirds in your yard or not, this book will help you and your children learn the part hummingbirds play in the ecosystem. The Nature on our Doorstep series will quickly become one of your favorites.

By Joan Pennell on 11 December, 2014

What a charming and informative source! The book educates both child and adult readers to often surprising aspects of the lives of hummingbirds. The clear prose, captivating photographs, and suggested activities engage us in recognizing ourselves as a part of nature. The volume has merit whether used at home or school.