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Her Rebel Heart

Kaci Boudreaux is a tenure-track physics professor with a desperate need to get over her irrational fear of flying. Lance Wheeler is a military pilot on the hunt for a pre-deployment distraction. When a pumpkin-chucking accident puts them into close contact, they strike a deal to help each other out. It's supposed to be short-term, but these enemies are turning into something more than either will admit. Her career demands roots. Also, she's not up for the second job of being a military wife again. But his calling dictates frequent military moves and deployments, and he's already been burned by a woman who put her professional desires first. So what will they do about their hearts needing to heal with each other?

Farrell’s latest is a light, humorous romance set in fictional Gellings, Georgia. Air Force pilot Lance Wheeler should be celebrating his wedding, but instead he’s sitting at a bar, nursing a drink, because five days earlier his fiancée decided marriage was not for her. In walks Kaci Boudreaux, a tenure-track physics professor, eager to make her ex-husband, who happens to be sitting in the corner, jealous. Though Lance is initially up for what Kaci is offering, he is still smarting from his recent rejection and practically runs out of the bar. Four weeks later, Lance wants nothing more than to get out of the South and forget the marriage that didn’t happen. Kaci, meanwhile, is eager to prove she can make it in a man’s world by becoming a lead researcher in Germany. After a pumpkin-catapult competition pits Kaci’s physics club against Lance’s team, the two keep finding themselves in awkward, but heat-inducing, situations. Farrell (Merried) does a fantastic job of building the sexual chemistry between the couple as they fight their attraction to each other. The escalating pranks are fun, and the pacing and dialogue between the two is rich with humor. It’s a great summer read. (BookLife)