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Tammy Andresen
Her White Wedding
A duchess in need… Walking in London can be dangerous… especially when one is contemplating their entire future and not paying a bit of attention to where she has wandered…But when the Dowager Duchess of Whitehaven realizes her mistake, it’s too late. Before she can scream, a cutpurse has her in his clutches. Fortunately for her, the dashing Lord Declan Parker comes to her rescue and in romantic fashion, saves her life. Not that she’s interested. Yes, he’s handsome, noble, strong, and kind. And certainly, her benefactor and stepson wishes for her to remarry. Soon. But how she can give herself to another man when the scars she bears from her first marriage are still so fresh? Still, whenever she looks upon his strong jaw and piercing brown eyes, she can’t deny that she’s tempted.