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Tammy Andresen
Her Willful White
Is she a French spy or the woman of his dreams? Lord Destrian White, brother to the Duke of Whitehaven is a man who prides himself on self-reliance and perseverance. He doesn’t need anyone and if life doesn’t give him what he requires, he takes what he needs. But when Miss Fleur Dupont enters his life, everything turns upside down. First, one of his ships holding gunpowder for the war effort is mysteriously destroyed. Fleur claims she isn’t responsible but there are questions she refuses to answer. And then there’s her guilty behavior, sneaking about the docks at night. And her beauty. How could a man forget that? And when she needs his help, he finds himself embroiled in her troubles against his better judgement. So much for his iron will. But he won’t succumb to the attraction building between them. Even he has his limits. Is Lord White a hero or the devil in disguise? Handsome as sin, a man that looks that delicious can’t be good. Can he? He growls as much as he speaks and he demands far more than he asks. But when her life is in jeopardy, it’s him that saves her. And when their common enemy wages all-out war, Fleur knows there is no other man she’d want by her side. How will she keep her heart out of the fight?