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Tom Starace
Hero Maker
Tom Starace, author
A teen haunted by dreams discovers he has special powers, revealing that superheroes are hidden among us every day. A 16-year-old with exceptional abilities is thrust into a life of danger in this fascinating YA magical realism story. Sixteen-year-old Adam is haunted by dreams that leave him exhausted and confused. When a memory of a long-forgotten experience comes back to him, tying him to someone’s perilous escape from death, his special power comes flooding back to him—the power to make heroes from everyday people. It isn’t long before Adam learns what he thought were dreams are actual experiences, and that the people he’s helped are real. He has a special power that enables him to help others who are in danger. Adam can jump into their bodies and become them, feeling their fear and their pain. He helps them perform the brave acts that they thought they couldn’t do. The people Adam helps don’t know that he has helped them. All they know is that they have done something brave. They are heroes.