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Hey Papa Dude! How High Can You Count?

Picture Book; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Publish)

There’s no limit to how high you can count and how far your imagination will take you if you just believe. Go on a great adventure with Papa Dude and Charlie Crab, along with their new friend, Bubby, on this fantastic numerical journey!
Carolyn Briwa, Elementary School Teacher

I purchased a Papa Dude book for my nephew.  The book is FANTASTIC.  Extremely well written and very educational along with wonderful illustrations. It was difficult to choose one because all are so interesting. I will start a collection for him and would highly recommend this series to anyone. Thank you Papa Dude!

Katy Hobgood Ray

Steven is the author of the Papa Dude series. Papa Dude is a solid and warm guide-type character, kind of an authority on all things as you travel with him on adventures. He’s a likable and solid dude—a Papa Dude! His best friend, Charlie Crab, offers a playful, lighthearted touch to every page, while Papa Dude delivers factual information about all sorts of things. With Papa Dude, young readers can explore the zoo, the continental USA, dog breeds, the history of Santa Claus, outer space, and more. The whole package makes for a supremely educational yet fun series!

Monique Sobrino, Owner, Little Miss Muffin

Congratulations to Steve Scaffidi for successfully writing a series of books that nurtures the spirit of adventure while merging it with facts and knowledge.  He encourages children to ask what is the next adventure you will share!  The Papa Dude Series is a great way to engage little ones with reading, learning and adventure.  Once Papa Dude and his side kick Charlie have been introduced to your eager learner, there will be no stopping their desire to see what antics they are up to next.  Imagination and the desire to learn can easily be reinforced by the different adventures Papa Dude will take your child on in each one of the series of the Papa Dude stories.