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Hey Papa Dude! What Do We Do Now?
Sometimes things happen in life that make us sad. Where Papa Dude comes from, hurricanes can be a big problem. Yes, they may be scary, but in other places, tornados, floods, earthquakes, fires, and other natural disasters are problems too. Nobody likes any of these disasters, but it’s important to know about them so you know what to do if one comes near you.
Philip Gangi, Owner, Baby Supermarket - Jackson, Mississippi

"Papa Dude's series of adventure stories are a fantasic way for children to have many of their questions about important topics answered. The books are not only educational but a lot of fun too!"


Stefanie Jaynes, Teacher at McGehee School

"Papa Dude's reading to our Pre-K class was so entertaining and lots of fun. He easily related to the children and encouraged them to follow their dreams. We thoroughly enjoyed his visit and would highly recommend an author visit with Papa Dude!"