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High Flying
Skylar Haines has struggled with personal demons most of her life, going to dark extremes to subdue anxieties rooted in her tragic past. On a perpetual hunt for the next adrenaline hit, she discovers a passion for flying and becomes a hard-edged stunt pilot, verging on obsession. In the sky, following her most daring airshow, she encounters a mysterious storm and almost collides with another aircraft, sending her into a perilous dive. Guided by a mysterious voice, she manages a safe landing but finds herself transported to another time. Eight months before she was born. One week before her father was murdered. Though baffled by her circumstances, Skylar soon arrives at a single certainty: Before her lies a remarkable chance to change her family's destiny drastically for the better -- or possibly even worse -- depending on the choices she makes, before her window of opportunity closes.
Current Book Reviews

"Kaylin McFarren crafts a close inspection of a young woman flying on the edge of disaster, then adds a fantasy element in which Skylar has the opportunity to change everything if she accepts the greatest dare in her life. The result is a time-slip style tale that is nicely steeped in psychological inspection. High Flying is particularly highly recommended for readers who like to follow their characters on the evolutionary path towards better life choices.” –D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

High Flying  is an exciting, thrilling and thought-provoking story, which is excellently crafted with a very exciting ending.” –Golfwell Reviews

High Flying is one of the most unique suspense thrillers I have read in a while. I highly recommend reading Kaylin McFarren’s story for intrigue, deception, kidnapping, and an excellent perspective of self-harm.” –Carol Hoyer, Readers Views

"High Flying elevates the time travel genre to new heights - literally. With sparkling prose and incredible sensitivity to challenging subjects, McFarren steps out strong in her first book since the end of her well-known Threads series. An entertaining read all around, with an indefatigable female lead and a bold, in-your-face writing style, this thriller will undoubtedly leave readers satisfied, but it also asks challenging questions that will linger after the final twists are revealed." –Self-Publishing Review

“In a world where love doesn’t conquer all but comes pretty darn close, Kaylin McFarren delivers a sexy and riveting time travel story that does not disappoint!” – Chanticleer Book Reviews

"Kaylin McFarren's High Flying keeps the reader hooked from chapter to chapter, not only by creating an exciting story premise and characters but also by subverting the reader's expectations. Just when the story feel as if it's going to end up in one direction, it takes a sharp corner and veers off unexpectedly; this is done flawlessly, a true testament to Kaylin's writing skill that keeps the reader engaged till the very last words." -Rachel Smith, Entrada Publishing 

Award-winning Book

High Flying has won the following award: First Place in Suspense in the 2019 Independent Press Award