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High in the Sky

Children/Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

A small, energetic child relieves restlessness by climbing onto a tire swing and flying off on many wild imaginative adventures. The child pretends to be in outer space, surfing a big wave, traveling through the jungle, and many other exciting settings. As readers try to guess what creative worlds the child might enter into next, they will also delight in how the tire swing is incorporated differently in each fantastic world created by the child. Finally, the child returns to earth, flops into bed and dreams of flying high in the sky once more. At the back of the book, there are additional fun and creative educational activities for children, parents and educators to enjoy.  For more information, go to


The Manitoba Library Association

"High in the Sky is a cute book about the simultaneous mellow calm and playful excitement a child can experience while spending time in a favourite place...such as a classic tire swing."

Recommended by The Manitoba Library Association