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High Warrior
The man known as the “High Warrior” is an Irish knight with an English overlord. Sir Bric MacRohan serves the House of de Winter as the head of the de Winter war machine. He is big, loud, and fearless. Once the most aggressive, all-powerful knight in the realm, a great injury forces Bric to realize that he is, indeed, mortal. Though he recovers from the injury, it changes how he commands his men and how he handles himself in battle. Mentally, his is far more injured than he is, physically. Enter Lady Eiselle de Gael. The daughter of a bastard of the Earls of East Anglia, Eiselle is 'gifted' to Bric by a very dear friend as a reward for saving the man's life. The lady is resigned, but Bric is positively adverse. He doesn't see it as a reward; he sees it as a punishment. But what they didn't expect was how much they would come to love each other. When the greatest swordsman that England has ever seen lays down his weapon due to battle fatigue, it’s up to Eiselle and those who love Bric to help the man regain his confidence as a warrior, and to once again do what he was born to do. Men like Sean de Lara... Dashiell du Reims... and many more recognizable knights from Le Veque's Medieval world all pull together to help Bric recover what he has lost... himself. Medieval Romance has never been so emotional – or so romantic – as Bric and Eiselle discover the true power of their love.
Amazon Review

An Amazing story!! I was not prepared for the emotions that seeped through the pages as I rapidly read this book. The life of a knight came alive and the hero Sir Bric MacRohan, named the High Warrior as head of the de Winter war machine, was one of the fiercest men alive. He is respected by all of the knights and is very aggressive and without fear. Never thinking of marriage, he is unexpectedly betrothed to Lady Eiselle de Gael as a reward for saving a friend's life. But as this strong knight and this gentle lady meet, amazing feelings emerge for them both. Before they can even get their married life started Bric is off to battle and for the first time being severely injured and fighting for his life. As he begins to heal he is again sent to battle and upon his tragic return, he experiences feelings he has never felt before, having a fear of battle and no spirit of the warrior left inside. This opened my eyes to thoughts of warriors through the ages that experienced the modern term PTSD we label today. But in those times it was thought they were weak. When Bric's fellow warrior knights band together to help him, can he be saved? Can Eiselle's love be strong enough to support him? This book made me feel so many emotions. I smiled, I cried ( yes I did) and I cheered Bric on his journey. Kathryn Le Veque is a master at bringing the characters to life and making the history real. She captures the essence of the medieval times and does not let you go until the end. I know this story will stay with me for a long time and It will have a place in my heart always.

High Warrior Made the USA Today Bestseller List

A big Irish knight, much beloved by his English men, faces his biggest challenge when an injury nearly claims his life… and his confidence as a warrior. A USA Today Bestseller 4/25/18!