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Tammy Andresen
His White Wager
She’s no lady… Rebecca White makes her own way. She’ll dress as a man to support her mother if she chooses, she’ll participate in illegal gaming if it pleases her, and she’ll even cheat a lord now and then if the idea catches her fancy. But what she didn’t count on was an entire family of White’s tracking her down and being just as stubborn and independent as—well—herself. Nor did she bet on their handsome lawyer, Jacob Veritas, stirring feelings that have no place in her life. He’s the perfect gentleman… Which is why he can’t understand his instant attraction to the delicate beauty, Rebecca White. Yes, she is strong, capable, smart as hell, and exciting beyond measure. But he’s a man who lives by the law and Rebecca, she’s never met a rule she didn’t wish to break. But as her world begins to crumble about her, Jacob can’t help himself, he has to rescue her. The law is a pillar after all and if it can hold up society, surely it can aid one woman in need? But his heart, there might be no saving that.