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Lauren Smith
His Wicked Secret
Lauren Smith, author
When a lady decides to become a spy, she must resist all temptation…especially love. Audrey Sheridan is London’s sweetheart, a position that allows her access to the ton and all its secrets. As the enigmatic writer, Lady Society, she is wild, reckless, and speaks her mind. She matchmakes wicked rogues with their perfect wives. But there’s one thing she’s failed to find since her debut. A husband for herself. And there’s only one man she’s ever wanted. There’s just one problem…he doesn’t want her. What’s a lady to do to mend her broken heart? Run off to become a spy… Jonathan St. Laurent is anything but a saint and certainly not husband material. He spent nearly his entire life as a servant to his half-brother the Duke of Essex. He’s trying to play the gentleman now, but it’s damned hard when he’s tempted by the ton’s darling spitfire Audrey. There’s something about her that makes him want to abandon the rules of polite society and show her just how wicked he can be…which is why it’s better to avoid the minx altogether. When Audrey’s plan to be a spy is discovered, Jonathan knows he must move heaven and earth to protect her while guarding his own secret…
Smith’s pleasing eighth League of Rogues Regency (after Earl of Pembroke) delights with a strong female protagonist who decides that she wants more from life than merely marrying well. Audrey Sheridan, youngest sister of Viscount Sheridan, has written the “Lady Society” gossip column since she turned 15. Now 19, she wants to become a spy. Meanwhile, she’s under pressure to land a husband. Though Audrey is attracted to Jonathan St. Laurent, the half-brother of the Duke of Essex, she isn’t sure whether his feelings toward her are more than just a passing interest. When Audrey and her maid, Gillian, embark on an escapade to gather clandestine information and expose members of a secret club for highly placed men with questionable tastes, the adventure goes awry and they are rescued by Jonathan, along with James Fordyce, the Earl of Pembroke. As Jonathan assists Audrey with the self-defense skills necessary for spy work, their mutual attraction grows, but frequent misunderstandings as to the nature of their relationship come to the forefront. Espionage, an undercurrent of mystery, and sensuous romance are at the heart of this page-turner, which hints at a future installment and will encourage readers to look for the previous books. (BookLife)