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Elissa Kerr
Honey Harvest
Elissa Kerr, author
It's late summertime in the meadow. Flowers are in full bloom and honeybees float on the warm breeze. It's now time to harvest honey from the hive. Beautiful illustrated, this buzz-worthy book is the perfect introduction to the tools and traditions involved in beekeeping.
Buzzing with the bounty of late summer, Kerr’s rigorously rhyming text and Saunders’s gently hued, thin-lined illustrations detail a honey harvest from start to finish, following a white-presenting father and child through the proceeding. Fond of the “sweet and golden, sticky treat,” but having never peeked inside the family hive, a young narrator initially envisions a factory setting with goggle-sporting bees “all lined up, filling bear-shaped bottles.” Demystifying the backyard operation involves the child’s donning a veil and beekeeper suit with their parent, and subsequent pages follow the duo as they calm the bees with a smoker, remove the hive’s frames, and use the extractor to send the frames on “a nice little spin.” The clear steps, conveyed dually in image and text, shed light on a small, idealized beekeeping operation (there’s nary a sting in sight), along the way underscoring themes of fairness and community connection as the family takes care to leave the bees “their own fair share” for survival, and to distribute the harvest with neighbors and relatives—an ecosystem that mimics the beehives themselves. A back matter FAQ provides additional insight into the honey harvesting process. Ages 3–7. (Self-published)
Kirkus Reviews

A strong introduction to beekeeping from a kid’s perspective.—Kirkus Reviews

Readers' Favorite

"The story is both unusual and educational, teaching children that honey does not simply appear on a supermarket shelf. A fantastic book highly recommend for children of all ages."

Self Publishing Review

"In this exquisitely illustrated book written by Elissa Kerr, children will love to learn about beekeeping and making honey. The story, crafted in loose rhyme making it immediately memorable, is both educational and fascinating. The illustrations by Zoe Saunders are so charming and full of natural splendor that the story will give young children a real thrill, especially when we see the bees working in a fantastical hive, complete with goggles and honey jars. A wonderful journey into a fascinating and unusual hobby that will open avenues for exploration and imagination in any child who is lucky enough to discover this gem of a picture book, Honey Harvest is highly recommended for young readers or to be read aloud."