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Link Thompson
Honoring Our Creator
To Honor Our Creator by Honoring our Inner ?small? Voice. Then reveal through my life storyline, a memoir for the benefit of my precious Grandchildren and also share with the world, my perceptions of How Our Creator gets things done within His Universe, and the Means that He used to create all that is both tangible and visible, and all that is both intangible and invisible as well. Our Creator created transmutable energy within our Universe, or which can transfer from one form to another, but never lost. Electrically natured energy is one form and can be measured, but invisible until needed and applied. Our Creator also created His human creation with an internal, electrically natured neural circuitry; thus, then ?in His Image? and invisible; yet, spiritually reachable. Summarily, the very same energy Our Creator used to create all this ?is,? is the very same energy that can return ?we? humans to His Spiritual World by simply asking. All that is needed is enough positive electrically natured energy in the size of a ?mustard seed!? All guaranteed by His Son, Jesus, upon the Cross!!! And notarized by His Created Cross upon His servant Donkey?s back!!!