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Adel Ben-Harhara
Hope in The Sky
Hope in the Sky, volume two of Adel Ben-Harhara’s three-volume memoir, speaks about millions of Yemen’s Muwalladin (foreign-born Yemenis) struggling for equal rights and citizenship. He was one young man who spent a dozen years in Yemen, where he suffered from prejudice, discrimination, and the effects of civil war. He endured harsh treatment because he wore a dark skin, was born in East Africa, and was unable to assimilate into an underdeveloped society living according to primitive cultural traditions. He stood strong and managed to depart his ancestors’ land, not because he was tough, but because he had no choice. What happened to one of the oldest nations on Earth, the cradle of Arabian civilization, the home of the biblical Queen of Sheba, consort of King Solomon? Yemen, with ties to the Semitic lands to its north and to the cultures of the Horn of Africa across the Red Sea, is frozen in time and still practicing medieval traditions. Illiteracy and constant tribal conflicts serve as catalysts in suppressing development and modernization and in keeping the country and surrounding areas suspicious and threatening to the world. Want to learn the inner workings of Yemeni life through the struggles of a sixteen-year-old boy who immigrated to his ancestors’ land? Read on.