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Frederic H Martini
It is 2066, twenty-five years after the Immune Collapse decimated the world population. The survivors spend as much time as possible in VR rather than in the real world. Vic Malone is a newly-promoted detective assigned to robbery-homicide in the Brooklyn Police Department. He finds himself tangled up in a case that involves murder, illegal software, blackmail, and the mob. Fortunately for Vic, his partner is Officer Louis, a Neo-9. Neo-9s are genetically enhanced dogs, and Louis’ mom was a black Labrador. With hidden talents and a secret life, he is far more than just a K-9 sidekick. With the help of the police, the FBI, self-aware AI avatars, and other Neo-9s, Louis and Vic must solve the case before the shadowy forces responsible for the crimes can find and put them down.