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Jelena Hrvoj
House of Durga
Jelena Hrvoj, author
House of Durga is not just an escape from the cruel reality. Nor is it a place where it all starts and ends. The sisterhood of the House of Durga is far more than that. Their beginning, short existence, and end. That summer, the life of young Pixela Omnia changed forever. From her parents' divorce, moving to the suburbs, and meeting two girls who will become her only support, but also her ruin. Hidden from the world and problems, in the heart of an abandoned amusement park, three young girls Billianet, Pixela, and Kaliopa form the sisterhood of Durga and begin to weave a network of crimes. Twenty years later, now an adult and successful woman, Pixela can no longer bear the burden of remorse, and the tangle of unsolved murders will finally unfold in front of the public. This is a story of peer violence, dysfunction, consequences, manipulation, wrapped in a veil of sadistic behavior and the occasional pink bow. This Psychological thriller written by the Croatian Bestselling author Jelena Hrvoj, won't leave you indifferent.