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Crystal Mary Lindsey
Author, Illustrator
House of Shadows 9780648481805
Louisiana 1902, A Christian Mystery Romance Mariah Kingsford - is the darling Prima Donna of the International Opera scene at a young age of twenty-five. Returning to sing in New Orleans at the French Opera House she is exhausted and anxious to return to her haven, Fairways Plantation, North Carolina. Christian Mystery Romance Considerable changes had resulted over her ten-year absence. At her first sight of the house and land, she is stunned to see the state of chaos, lack of repair and a ghost of the majestic home it always was. The two servants show a deficiency for cleanliness and display defiance. Mariah’s Aunt Milly, the only family member still living in the house, is existing semi-drugged in an unclean state. She is fixated with terror about something, but what? Years of secrets generate mysterious occurrences at the plantation which Mariah would not have known how to handle without the help of new friends. The tangled web built by her grandfather needs unraveling. Who better to help than Colonel Jeb Rigby-Carson the town judge and his son, the gorgeously handsome lawyer Hart Carson.