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Kathy Banks
How Do We Know It's Jesus?
Kathy Banks, author

Children/Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Publish)

Kelly loved learning things. Her mind was busy with questions at Sunday School. At home she sometimes had to ask her parents a second time, because she wasn’t sure she understood what she had been told before. How did Noah & Abraham believe God so easily? How was Moses sure he was called by God? She wanted to understand more. She wanted to be sure: how do we know it’s Jesus?
Jim Elliff President, Christian Communicators Worldwide

There is no better time to talk about Jesus to children than bedtime. Distractions are put away, the lights are low. Your child has played hard and will soon sleep soundly. Make use of this time with Kathy Banks’ book, How Do We Know It’s Jesus? The book will ask and prompt  questions from the curious mind of your children. Though we don’t have to go into theological deeps in our answers, providing timely responses to questions from our children is one of the most important responsibilities of Christian parents. This book will provide some stones for building a study foundation on truth for your child. 

Pastor Mark A. Wilson, D.Min. Sierra Baptist Church

Children love stories about other children. Tiny ears and eyes find the adventures of their generational peers irresistible. With simplicity and clarity, Kathy Banks and Kelly Renee offer children and families a captivating and beautifully illustrated story, which takes them on a journey through the “nuts and bolts” of the Gospel. I am confident parents will discover that “How Do We Know It’s Jesus?” will foster the development of a steadfast and enduring Christian faith in the lives of their children. I fully commend this simple book as a tremendous resource for the “tool box” of believing parents who desire to lead their children to know and love our Risen Savior. 



Rev. Joel Renkema, Lead Pastor Visalia Christian Reformed Church

Every Christian parent wants to teach their children to love Jesus. Yet the greater gift a parent can give is to teach their children that Jesus loves them.   A parent can give no greater gift to their children than to reveal the love of Christ! This book is an endeavor in that most transformational of proclamations.