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How economical is it to homeschool your kids?
Are you thinking about having your kid's homeschool? It's a hot topic lately, and many parents are considering it because of security concerns, bullying, drugs, negative peer pressure and schools struggling to leave some children behind, particularly those with special needs.

Homeschooling in Dubai is becoming increasingly popular among expatriate families due to unmet demand for private school places. Many families are unable to secure a seat at their preferred school, and UAE private school fees are inexorably rising. Is homeschooling right financially speaking for your family? Can you take a budget home school? Let's look at this one.

One of the unique benefits of homeschooling is that you have full control of how much it costs. Some of the more daily expenses, and how to save money for each are given here. When you start homeschooling, your curriculum will probably be your most significant expense, and prices run the gamut. You can build your resume free of charge, or you can pay thousands of dollars. It depends on your needs and how much time you need to spend in the research of bargains and lessons in planning. The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) reports the average parent spends around $300 to $600 per year, per child, on textbooks, games, and books for home school. There are plenty of ways to save money on that expense, however.

Some ways to save includes:

Use American International school Dubai,

iCademy Middle East is an accredited online school for kindergarten students up to grade 12 in the United States. They believe that all students should be trained according to their strengths, needs and interests. Their flexible programs are tailored to support personalized and structured learning. Their online school and the Learning Centers provide for K-12 grades. Besides, they offer an alternative education program called iCad+ that combines life skills training and practice with course work suited to the abilities and interests of the students. Qualified and committed teachers, counsellors and academic coaches fully support all students. Their award-winning online programs, real-time instruction and hands-on material, offer genuinely individualized instruction, matched to the strengths and ability levels of their students. Their programs allow each student to realize their true potential. iCademy Middle East combines the advantages of a traditional school with individual support flexibility and customized plans. This integrated learning model can be learned at home, at their learning centre or one of the locations of their affiliate learning centres.

They provide a flexible and challenging learning environment, incorporating technology with a rigorous, engaging and practical curriculum that promotes individualized education from a global perspective. They encourage students to achieve the highest level of academic and personal development so that their goals can be met and their potential maximized. The comprehensive programs, based on the principles of educating the whole person, pursue a philosophy of education: fostering general awareness and delivering a complete and balanced curriculum that embraces diversity and a full range of learning styles.

Use Your Library

Many libraries, particularly those in or near populated areas, have textbooks and DVDs that could supplement or even take their place in a home school curriculum. Some of these libraries have special homeschooler programs which allow you to check out books and materials twice as long as regular members. Also, some libraries have museum passes that you can check out to make a free field trip.

Homeschooling is one of the obstacles that can make children feel very isolated. They're home, after all, learning from a parent all day, with little or no interaction with other children of their age. It is essential to have them signed up for extracurricular activities. Children want to socialize with others and need to learn how to work as a team. There are many ways to make savings on extracurricular activities. First, check your calendar for local communities. Often, cheap classes can be found at community and recreation centres. Most libraries also offer free or inexpensive courses, such as painting or bookbinding, which might be of interest to your kids. Your local parks and recreation department may offer animal rehabilitation classes, youth sports or opportunities for volunteer work. Also, check your local YMCA, which offers regular courses and opportunities for teams. Keep in mind that extracurricular activities can quickly overwhelm your family's time and lead to an overdue child, something that many household school families are trying to avoid.

Homeschooling needs a stay-at-home parent, as you might expect which means you are going to have to move to a one-income family if you're not already one. Income loss is a huge consideration when choosing homeschool. You'll need to consider all of your expenses carefully to decide whether you can survive on a single income. You also have to think about the time you'll spend on testing as well as the financial costs. Homeschooling needn't cost a fortune. Yes, in some ways it could be more expensive than public school, but it is cheaper than a private school and you are in complete control of the quality of your child's education, which exceeds any out-of-pocket expenses for many parents.