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How to Get Your Man to Wear the Pants ... So You Don't Have To
Elliott Katz, author
Are you tired of having to be the one who always wears the pants? Are you frustrated with men who won't make a decision? Are you fed up with a man who won't ever take charge? You're not the only one. How to Get Your Man to Wear the Pants ... So You Don't Have To shares strategies on how to inspire a man to be more decisive and do his share of taking the lead at home and in the family. It tells you what you need to say to get him to take charge of dealing with his share of day-to-day responsibilities as well as problems that arise and not leave this entire burden on you. It tells you what he needs to hear to motivate him to make his share of decisions and not expect you to make all the decisions; and how to inspire him to be a man with a plan and not ask you to plan everything involving your relationship, home and family. The goal of the strategies in this book is to help you achieve the calm of knowing you're with a man who can make a decision and takes charge of his share of responsibilities at home and in the family -- and doesn't leave all these responsibilities to you. "Women get very frustrated always having to take the initiative, plan and execute every single thing in the family and look after the home all the time. Women expect the man to contribute equally and are shocked when he does nothing. I totally see this book as an extremely valuable tool." --Shellie Grafstein, Life Coach for Women "This is an issue I work on with couples all the time. I look forward to being able to refer the book to them. It has very practical advice and is an easy read." --Laurie Betito, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, President of the Sexual Health Network of Quebec, Author of The Sex Bible for People Over 50, Host of Passion on CJAD Radio