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Emma Marie
How To Increase Your Water Intake If You Don’t Like It
Emma Marie, author
You have probably seen enough preaching about how you are supposed to drink at least eight glasses of water on a daily basis, but what if you just don’t like water? Nobody would drink eight glasses of something they don’t even like, right? So, if we are compelled to hit these goals, there are trick ways that can be used to increase the water intake even without being too aware of it. These methods are effective even during a very busy schedule. Let’s take a look at what the trick options are.

Buy A Cute Water Bottle

Get yourself a bottle that is so cute or so precious to you, that you always want to carry it around with you. Well, obviously, when you really like your bottle and carry it around, if it is an empty bottle, it can be questioned and ridiculed, which would then psychologically get you to fill it and drink it off, by basing it as a reason!

Count All The Intake Of Fluids

It could be in the form of herbal teas, or fruit juices, everyone knows about coconut water benefits, so it could be in any form of liquid that you could count up as one of the eight glasses if you do not want to drink water in itself, you can always choose different kinds of homemade fruit juices and iced teas to make sure that you don’t add too much of sugar into it too.

Try Fruit Infusions

Since some of us just don’t like the taste of water, maybe we wouldn’t say NO if the taste was better? So, how about cutting up some of your favorite fruits, freezing them and adding them the next morning to get flavored water. This would not only taste better but can give you the dual benefit of fruits as well.

Use An App For Drinking Reminders

Well, there are mobile applications used for everything you want to do, so why not use one to remind you to drink more water. There are apps which would set regular alarms or notifications to make sure that you have drunk a daily dose of water.

Drink Water In Whatever Temperature You Prefer

While there are people who love chilled water, there are those who cannot stand it. So, if you prefer something out them regarding water, choose what you like and drink your water in that form. That is one way to make sure that you drink what you like.

Similar to the ones above, there are many ways in which your water intake could be improved as well. It involves a little tricking and mostly willpower because you are aware that you are tricking yourself to increase the water intake. Water and fluids have been considered to be very beneficial for the human body, in almost every way, which is it is highly advised to drink water for many benefits such as weight loss. We hope you use at least two of the above options to improve your intake too!