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How To Survive The Office
Jeremy Young, author
As someone who has worked for numerous, public, private, family-owned American, European, Middle Eastern, and Asian businesses across many different countries, in the last 20 years, I have seen the insides of more offices than I prefer to count. Despite the variety of jobs and employers I have worked for, the similarities of office life all over the world are striking. The problems experienced by junior associates, executive staff, and C.E.O.s, though at different levels of complexity, are remarkably alike. Equally similar are the promoted solutions in M.B.A. degrees, associated business books, and soft skills development training programs. What do they have in common? They do not work. Why? Because they do not tackle the core issue. Life will become less complicated when we accept the dynamics of office life as is. I learned this through trial and error. Through this book, I hope to save you from these trials and tribulations and guide you. You will learn how to compartmentalize your life through the insights gained through this book and enjoy your limited time on this planet.