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How World War II Changed America
Earl Ofari Hutchinson's new book, How World War II Changed America, is scheduled for release on August 6, designated Hiroshima Day globally and months before commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the December 7. Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The attack propelled the U.S. into the war. The events continue to spark discussion, debate, and reflection on the lessons still to be learned from World War II. How World War II Changed America pays tribute to the enduring changes the war brought to America and the men and women who made those changes. Says Hutchinson. “My father’s story and the story of others affected by the war I tell.” He further notes, “The one certainty about any new look at World War II is that if the U.S. had not entered the global fight, it would be a much different America today. And so would their story.” Hutchinson presents a riveting look at the monumental changes that World War II produced in the U.S. How those changes transformed America. And how those changes shape the lives of Americans today and will continue through the 21st Century. The changes touch every aspect of American’s lives in technology, industry, politics, race, gender, the social movements for change, nuclear armaments, national security, and international relations.