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Human-Centered Communication
Ethan Beute, author
DIGITAL POLLUTION IS THE PROBLEM. HUMAN-CENTERED COMMUNICATION IS THE SOLUTION. We’re spending more time than ever in virtual environments. That will only increase, as will the amount of noise we encounter there. The seemingly endless series of unwelcome digital distractions range from frustrating to dangerous. As individuals and businesses, we not only spend time and energy managing this digital pollution, we often create it. At risk are relationships and revenue. The only viable way forward is to be more thoughtful, intentional, and personal. Human-Centered Communication provides a philosophy and practice to help you connect in more meaningful and effective ways with prospects, customers, team members, and every stakeholder in your success.
Targeting the “unwelcome digital distractions”—or “digital pollution”—that drives “annoyance and anxiety” and mistrust in our lives, Human-Centered Communication calls for nothing less than a “restoration of the human.” Beute and Pacinelli make an urgent, persuasive case that businesses must “reorient our businesses toward a healthier future,” while sharing a wealth of tips, advice, insightful interviews with experts (founders, CEOs, futurists, and more), and action steps that showcase why it’s pressing to bring more personal, human interaction into the fully digital world we live and work in—and also how to do so.

The human-centered approach is all about creating a more positive and forward-thinking communication that leans on being proactive, future-oriented, and focusing on the person (employee, customer, anyone) on the receiving end of the service or messages. Throughout, illuminating considerations of pervasive problems are followed by nuts-and-bolts practices to address them: a breakdown of the broken goal, perspective, and mindset of the traditional of sales and marketing “funnel” communication, for example, builds to a presentation of “The Bow Tie Funnel” model, derived from the teaching of Jacco van der Kooij.

Human Centered Communication is filled to bursting with new methods to bring more intentional and personal human communications into this world of Innocent, Consequential, and Intentional digital pollution. Among their practical guidance are strategies to improve video communications, the next best thing to in person communication, for a more human experience: solicit honest feedback, take production quality seriously, align your message, your subtext, and your self with the person you’re addressing. “Turning up your emotions and expressions is not inauthentic,” the authors note, in a revealing discussion of acting, authenticity, and what it takes to get a message across. Also key: guidance for restoring trust to various stakeholders. Human-Centered Communication is a smartly targeted, up-to-date resource that will resonate with a multitude of readers.

Takeaway: An invaluable resource examining how to recenter human communications in a virtual world.

Great for fans of: Erica Dhawan's Digital Body Language, Karyn Gordon's The Three Chairs.

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