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Jacqueline McDonald
HUMMING BRIDGE is the sequel to THE PAPER ROUTE “Odd is unique’s ugly cousin,” protagonist Jackie explains to her mentor, Detective Dennis Dahm. Humming Bridge is the story of the extraordinary role sight and sound play in the lives of protagonist Jackie and her “unique” Uncle Vic. Exploiting the special insights their combined extraordinary sensory abilities provide, Detective Dahm solves crimes from New York City to their hometown, Lowell, MA. Now a high-schooler, Jackie works part-time as a Nurse’s Aide. Suspecting a serial killer is responsible for a string of sudden deaths plaguing area hospitals, Jackie recruits her mentor, Detective Dahm to help her stop the so-called Angel of Death. First framed, and then kidnapped, Jackie races against time to protect patient lives. ***BONUS*** HUMMING BRIDGE includes an appendix of vintage Franco-American recipes submitted by former and current residents of Lowell, Massachusetts.