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Holli Cox
Holli Cox, author
Bridget’s mother disappeared ten years ago. Now, it’s Bridget’s turn. When a time traveling sailboat named Hummingbird kidnaps her, Bridget meets the one person who knows the truth of her mother’s disappearance – Captain Camille, a weaver of the Circle. To uncover her mother’s past, Bridget becomes Captain Camille’s unwilling apprentice and learns to weave the fabric of time and space. But there are two problems: One—Captain Camille lost her memory and has no desire to repair her shattered mind. Two—the Circle forbids anyone from speaking of the devastating circumstances of the disappearance. Bridget must voyage across the multiverse to expose the truth of her mother’s complicated past. All while the Circle debates whether Bridget should be imprisoned or erased from existence as punishment for crimes she did not commit. Hummingbird is a novel of time travel and adventure that boldly explores the differences between truth and reality. It is an epic fantasy that is as passionate and courageous as it is emotionally compelling.