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SB Hilarion
Author, Illustrator
Humongous (& Cool) Words for Kids
SB Hilarion, author

After immersing themselves in mantras in I AM Manifesto, young siblings Hao Finley and Sabine Yi Lee are on their journey of seeking and sharing knowledge from around the world. In Humongous (& Cool) Words for Kids, these philomaths not only learn about words from their own and other kids' cultures and countries, they also absorb facts about stuff they've taken for granted. What's really cool is that they describe words that not even their parents know.

Name the subject, these philomaths are sharing: science and math (big, uncomplicated check!), different languages (“oui, sí, shì” check!), environmental awareness (layered-atmosphere check!), etiquette (thank you, check!), music (treble clef check!), international cuisine (lots of yummy checks!), and many more. All shared with wit.

Manhattan Book Review

“In this unique piece of non-fiction text, young siblings, 5-year-old Sabine Yi Lee and her 8-year-old brother, Hao Finley Lee, take readers on a one-of-a-kind reading adventure! Together, they creatively share their knowledge of what countless interesting and often unusual vocabulary words mean, as well as how they relate to everyday life. The two cover a vast array of topics, delving into astronomy, biology, geometry, music, art, health, and even offering some insight into foreign language and multiculturalism!... Humongous (& Cool) Words For Kids is for true philomaths (those who love learning), just as I Am Manifesto, another one of Hilarion’s publications is. It is both scholarly and thorough, making it an ideal pick for language arts, science, and social and cultural studies for teachers to use in their classrooms. It features ample content, including its colorful, vivid, and illustrative pictures that span its pages, for individual and group project ideas. Additionally, because of the way the content is organized, the text can be used as a fun flip-through guide in which children read small segments of it at a time.”

Reader Views Kids

Humongous (& Cool) Words For Kids by SB Hilarion is not your normal story book, but a collection of over 800 fascinating and strange words. When we received a copy of this book, we were immediately drawn to the unusual words and pictures. Most of these words that are found in this book, my sister and I had never even heard of! It was fun going back and forth taking turns reading a new fact about something we did not know even existed. The pictures along the way helped you envision the words and get a better understanding of the definition…. Overall, we both had fun using Humongous (& Cool) Words For Kids by SB Hilarion in different ways. It was fun to just look over all the interesting pictures and read about strange things from all over the world. It was also a fun game of “guess what” or “did you know” that we played with the other members of our family. The book is a great way to learn new things, and to share what you have learned with others.”

Readers' Favorite

“I love words and have always considered that I have a fairly strong grasp of vocabulary, at least English vocabulary, that is. SB Hilarion’s uniquely mesmerizing vocabulary primer had me questioning my actual credentials as a philomath from the very first page. I love this book! I enjoyed the presentations my two hosts, HF and SY, gave in each chapter, and I had to slow myself down to adequately digest all the data, drawings, humor and knowledge found on each page. This book is a sheer delight and will, no doubt, convert even the most abject despiser of vocabulary drills into a fellow philomath, one who easily uses the most amazing words and actually knows what they mean. Each word presented is given glorious, multicolor life, making learning an interactive and simply amazing experience. I hope that Hilarion, HF and SY are planning further books and eagerly await further learning adventures with them. Humongous (& Cool) Words For Kids is both humongous and cool -- it’s also most highly recommended.”   

San Francisco Book Review

Humongous (& Cool) Words for Kids is a dictionary-esque book that tells the story of two kids and their family as they wander through a tale of words and their definitions.... While it might be designed like a dictionary, few dictionaries are this casual and fun-loving. What sets this book apart from most others like it for kids is the way it reads more like a novel, with the back and forth among the characters from entry to entry, and even the little asides from minor characters....Overall, this is a fun-loving and enjoyable book, with surprising and awesome words drawn from many cultures. The entries are memorable, with humorous explanations/definitions to help remember them. It’s a book that’s fun to read aloud or peruse alone, with fascinating information to share with the whole family, and words that will challenge anyone in the room, maybe especially the adults!”