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Rebecca Henry
Agent Van of the CIA is sent to an Australian underground military surveillance base called Pine Gap. Agent Van finds himself thrown in a conspiracy cover up of an ancient alien race known as species X. Agent Van falls in love with Annika, a mysterious and uncommon woman who displays unusual abilities, leading Van to question her own origin. Mystery and horror explode around Agent Van during a cave diving exhibition to search for a lost colleague referred to as Agent One. The only clue for Agent Van and his team is a cryptic message carved on a wall inside the bleak cave that reads “Agent One is gone. No more Agent One.” Terror arrives as the agents are trapped inside the ominous cave. Agent Van soon learns that there is more to Pine Gap than Species X.

The Review

This is every sci-fi readers dream book! A phenomenal read that explores several different aspects of the science fiction genre. From time-travel and the influence of alien species on the development of the human race, to worlds within the Earth’s core and creatures born of scientific experimentation, this is the ultimate sci-fi read.

While the mythology of the alien creatures and the world at large the author created is what initially draws the reader in, it is the emotional and relatable backstory and character development of protagonists Agent Van and Annika that really keep the reader invested. The romance that blooms between the two heroes of this tale helps the romance and sci-fi genres blend beautifully in this novel, and the author does an amazing job of creating a cast of characters both good and bad that elevate Van and Annika’s journey ten-fold.

The Verdict

This is a must read book of 2019. One of the best sci-fi reads of the year, the author has created a rich mythology and sci-fi story that readers will be clamoring for more of. While the story has a satisfying conclusion that readers will love, it also introduces enough story elements to hint at a much larger mythology that awaits discovery. An engaging and evenly paced read, this is one of my 2019 Must Read Sci-Fi novels, and if you haven’t yet you should grab your own copy of “Hybrid” by Rebecca Henry today!