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Daniel Jones
Hydra's Wake
Daniel Jones, author
When dirigible pilot Rogue Whip crashes in the Deep Forest Province of Shell, he takes refuge in an old, abandoned mining camp. However, he quickly discovers the camp is the territory of the four-headed hydra—a rare but vicious creature that mercilessly hunts and kills its victims using its “wake,” an airborne toxin that causes hallucinations. However, the hydra isn’t the only monster out for Rogue’s blood. The sadistic Lord Albert Richtoff has hired a mercenary to take out Rogue, confusing him with a spy by the same name. As his enemies fall under the influence of the hydra’s wake, Rogue rescues a beautiful but mute woman whom Lord Albert abused and left for dead. To rescue her and survive, the hunted now becomes the hunter. But can Rogue kill both the hydra and Albert, or will they destroy him first?