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Hypocrites and Other Stories
Hypocrites: Author: David R. Beasley ISBN:978-0-915317-47-9 PRICE: $12.00 Cdn & US A Collection of short stories... Ontario, London, Ibiza, France, Sausalito A Church minister falls out of favour with the social powers in his community. A boy deciding to burn down his school comes from an unloving background. A businessman discovers his humanity after he plants a bomb on a plane. Female companionship rescues a young man from the loneliness of London. A well-run tavern falls into disorder when the proprietor's wife takes a day off. A salesman's ambitions crumble when he comforts his life with two mistresses. Good District Managers enjoy hunting down and intimidating their salesmen. A flamenco-playing Don Juan has concern only for his failing charms. The mind plays a tragic trick on an imaginative writer in the waters off Ibiza. In France a young man seduces a willing French housewife grĂ¢ce au mari. A mother searches for her daughter and grandson feared kidnapped at sea. The American novelist Wolfe becomes a great playwright on the German stage. An image of the bohemian paradise of ages-old Ibiza Island rises from the past.