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Briah Krueger
I've Never Danced
B.A. McRae, author
It's been a year since high school ended, and hardly any change has been invited into her quiet life. 19 years of the same sidewalks, crowded beaches, and one boundary-blind best friend. After the graduation caps flew, Lucy had every intention of flying away, but those plans were torn-up dreams the moment her person was ripped from reality. Lucy never left. She clung onto Virginia Beach, not willing to let go. But after a random encounter with a complete and quirky stranger, Lucy's life is faced with its first genuine spark of adventure since tragedy. 'I've Never Danced' is B.A. McRae's debut novel is the 1st of a 2-part story. Fans of quirky stories of life beyond high school will be drawn into this world of drama, humor, loss, and mystery. Can a single person revive a damaged soul? Or will giving into the flow of change only bring floods of devastation?