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Bryan Cassiday
Ice in the Blood
Hard-hitting crime stories from the edge of madness and terror where murderers, serial killers, and sociopaths skulk along the streets of Los Angeles by day and night. The skies may be sunny, but the streets of the city are cold as ice and teeming with dissolution that spreads across the entire country like a miasma of evil reaching all the way to the Florida Keys. Corruption drips from the seats of power and infects everyone below. In the land of the dollar, money is not only king it’s the only way to insulate yourself from the raw brutality of the city jungle. Sometimes even money isn’t enough for salvation. The hookers keep hooking. The robbers keep robbing. The smugglers keep smuggling. The spies keep spying. And the serial killers keep killing. For the lot of them there is no way out but a jail cell or a cold slab in the city morgue.