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Mary Frame
If I Could Turn Back Time
Mary Frame, author
She’s a spectral cynic. He’s a time traveler racing the clock. Amelia Peters doesn’t believe in ghosts. After outing her late paranormal investigator parents as con artists, the natural skeptic wants nothing to do with anything even supposedly spooky. But her long-held disbelief in the supernatural crumbles when she inherits a small-town cabin… and keeps bumping into a handsome specter in the night. Shaken by the mysterious hunk’s disturbing ability to vanish into thin air, Amelia is stunned to discover he’s no ghost, but a traveler who has slipped through time… and is destined to die within days. When their relationship takes an intimate turn, she vows to save his skin. But altering history means confronting her own guilty secrets first. Can they undo the mystical mayhem scaring away their happily ever after, or will the time-space continuum keep them apart forever?