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If My Heart Had Wings: A World War II Love Story
After the death of her beloved pilot husband during World War II, a woman struggles for years to find happiness and fulfillment, despite marriage to an alcoholic, oppressive second husband and the expectations and limitations placed on women in mid-century American society. WWII history/romance buffs will eat up this true story of love and loss, corrosive family secrets, oppression, psychological abuse, coming of age, and the indelible bonds of true love.
C. Paul Hilliard, Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees, National WWII Museum

“Superb! A wonderful story of devotion and tough times…I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

Carol Starr Schneider, author - A Comedy of Hairs

Amazon Review:

Nadine Taylor takes us on a suspenseful journey as she uncovers the mystery behind her mother’s secret first marriage during WWII. A deeply moving tribute, meticulously researched and engaging from start to finish.”

Denise Dudley, founder, SkillPath Seminars

Amazon review:

“Fast-paced, enjoyable, well researched, magnificently written, and a veritable page-turner of a storyline—this book is truly a literary gem.”

Marion Marchetto, author of Bridgewater Chronicles

Amazon review:

“I found this historical memoir to be fascinating. Not the usual WWII story, If My Heart Had Wings is at once poignant and heartbreaking. Well written and edited, it was a joy to read.”

Miss Dorothy, Vine Voice

Amazon review:

“The book is subtitled “A World War II Love Story,” but it is so much more than that. I recommend it to anyone who likes World War II tales and stories about strong women who never give in to adversity.”