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Igbo Mediators of Yahweh Culture of Life Volume II
These Books (volumes 1-3): Igbo Mediators of YAHWEH Culture of Life, unveil the historical, religious, archaeological, genetic, ethno-linguistic basis of the Culture of Life. For the first time in modern literature, the secrets of ancient Egyptian civilization hidden in hieroglyphic writings are explained. These and other pictographic writings exist in many archives, museums and libraries of many countries both officially unofficially. My intention is to make this knowledge of reading of these ancient writings feasible for all people around the world. So that, whatever they have would be accessible to them and to the whole world. In these maybe hidden the secrets of cure for cancer, means to combat environmental crisis, future science and technological developments. This is the future for human knowledge systems derived from the benefits of ancient wisdom. I hope you would publicize this book to spread the knowledge to your entire people. We do not know from where the next breakthrough would come, so let all people see the light of this great wisdom of the ancient civilization. There are detailed descriptions on how to get copies at: Igbo Mediators of Yahweh Culture of Life is a travel in time to where it all began. The book shows that the Creator Yahweh was in full communication with his earliest created people, the Igbos, who lived his culture of life. God shares one language with the Igbos, through which he gave them the enlightenment of civilization for humanity. This civilization was documented in the Igbo pictographic writings called hieroglyphics, which have remained unknown until this first ever exposition by this book. It traces this history from the earliest (pictographic) writings dating back 400,000 years ago in the caves in present-day Gabon, the rock paintings in the Sahara desert dating back 45,000 B.C., and in the Chauvet caves in France dating back 35,000 B.C. The hieroglyphics in ancient Egypt are, for the first time, explained in their original Igbo language with English translations. The original Igbo text of the Holy Scriptures is unveiled in a manner that brings true contextual understanding of the teachings of the prophets and the gospels. Using ethno-linguistics, anthropology, and archaeology, the exact origins of ancient biblical Israel was uncovered with specific names and locations of all the Jewish towns and villages as they existed then and to the present day in Igbo land, Nigeria. The location of the palace of King David and King Solomon’s temple are revealed to exist in Owerri, Imo State. The exact place of the birth of Jesus Christ—the place where he lived, worked, was crucified, and buried—are all uncovered in this book. The discovery of highly developed Igbo technologies in ancient Egypt that were looted by Napoleon in 1799 and now used for reverse engineering to obtain many of the present day technologies including electric battery, aircraft systems, Space Shuttle, submarines, helicopters and others are demonstrated. The origin of the Igbos of Europe, China, and the Americas are unveiled. The UFOs writings obtained at Roswell in hieroglyphics were explained and the author postulates a fascinating hypothesis that, there are Igbos in another nearby galaxy! The book illustrates the intensifying struggle from the beginning of time between God’s Culture of Life and the Culture of Death. The book traces the prolife struggle against the Culture of Death, which though very much apparent in our time, has never eclipsed the enlightenment of the civilization of the Culture of Life. This book has fundamentally rewritten the World History as we know it. The book claims that, the Igbos are the chosen people of God. The Igbos civilized the world as Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, the Kings of ancient Israel, the Greeks, the Phoenicians, Etruscans, Iberians, Carthaginians, Mayans, Olmecs, ancient Chinese, ancient Russians, Babylonians and Jewish authors of the Holy Bible. The spread of the Culture of Life provoked persecution and genocide against Igbos to this day. This is a Great Book of the Secrets of World Civilization.