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Tracy Stone
Ignite Possibilities
Tracy Stone, author
Can losing a loved one lead to finding a purpose? Can giving to others bring greater opportunities to yourself? Can closing one door fling another, more exciting one open? The answer is yes, and the authors in this incredible book show you just that and more! Ignite Possibilities is a collection of true and real stories written by authors from various walks of life. You'll meet inspired individuals and awakened spirits... beautiful souls sharing their 'Ignite Moment' of stepping into what was truly possible for them; hoping to inspire you. You will find stories of failure and success, of determination and resilience, of contemplation and excitement; all written to help find meaning in your own life. It is time we all chase our own dreams, and to believe in the possibilities for our future. We all deserve to live enjoying what is possible and this book is designed to awaken and activate exactly what is possible for you.