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Illicit Intent
Calliope Garland’s newsdesk assignment was fairly straightforward—dig up the dirt on the sketchy CEO of a Wall Street hedge fund. But when the man is murdered and valuable data destroyed, a simple investigation turns deadly. Calliope is unwittingly in possession of vital financial information and a priceless work of art; either of which may get her killed. With an ever-growing list of people who want to harm her, Calliope must set aside her reservations and turn to the one man she knows she can trust. Miller “Tox” Buchanan is a study in contradictions: kind but lethal, passionate but distant, self-possessed yet hesitant. He knows he should keep his distance, but when Calliope is hurled into danger, Tox will stop at nothing to protect her.
Blue Mood Cafe

This is one of the most imaginative stories I've read in a long time and I really hated seeing it end.  -Blue Mood Café (5/5 Stars)

Prairie's Book Review

Gorgeously written and immersive... A dazzling tale... (5/5 Stars)- The Prairies Book Review