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Imagination of the Star Cats
Tristan Willoughby's 16th birthday is two weeks away, and the strand of feline DNA in his blood, after lying dormant all his life, is starting to activate. Tristan Willoughby has feline DNA in his blood, he just doesn't know it yet. Falling in love with cadet Shalanna Ravalen, a pure bred feline humanoid, is someway off in the future, until then he and his siblings, twins Leo and Belle Fallon, meet up with a mysterious girl, Kes, who 'persuades' all three to undertake a journey into the unknown. Discovering a secret at Gruiswick library takes them to an underground catacomb in Wishton Wish graveyard where the teenagers and the mystery girl are unwittingly, or not, sucked through the CatShifter galaxy portal and propelled through Space leading them to enter the StarCat 9 Space Academy on Sheba. A romantic, exotic, hostile fantasy adventure set between London where the Cat People hide, Sheba where young cadets at the StarCat 9 Space Academy learn how to fly giant CatShips, and the Athena Galaxy ruled over by feline gods, Cataccus and Hellorus. The felines are playful, lovable at times, but dangerous with their imaginations. The Universe is no older than 2000 years old, as is the Earth! It's because of the feline gods, Felinae, Goddess of Imagination, and her husband, Felidae, God of Reality, that the Universe was created by their children, Cataccus and Hellorus. And it's through their imagination we believe Mother Earth is far older. It becomes clear their arrival was no accident. And when the Base Commander's grand-daughter, Grimalda Cattayna, is kidnapped, the race is on to rescue her, only for more questions than answers to surface.