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Thomas Maine
Imperfect Creatures

With her eighteenth birthday on the horizon, Allison Khione has only three goals on her mind:
1. Graduate from high school
2. Protect her friend from a serial killer
3. Convince her sister she's left the assassin life behind

Raised in Koros, an orphanage for mage assassins, Allison and her twin finally escaped into the world after fourteen years of brutal training and torment. Reunited with their long-lost sister, they are showered with love in an attempt to provide the twins a normal teenage life, and convince them to leave their demons in the past. Only this world isn't meant for killers like them, and no amount of school, music, or home cooking can scratch the itch that Koros left.Stuck in a world she doesn't understand, Allison finds herself constantly drawn to the relics of her past as she desperately avoids returning to her old life of violence. Then one day, that life came back for her instead.Nikita, a powerful telepath and terrible friend, comes begging for the twins' help. Her request; protect her from the pursuer hell-bent on her murder. Worst of all, this killer holds the power to undo even death.Caught by this new danger, Allison's childhood skills are called upon in a fight for survival and protection, and the girl she tried to so hard to leave behind lurks just below the surface, begging to be let out.