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wolfgang mack
In Search of a New Morality
Questions that all of us are facing: Why have our codes of moral behavior changed so much in the last few decades?- How are we to deal with our new sexual freedoms, at school, at the work place and in our social lives? - What are we to do to help young people develop healthy attitudes on their sex lives? - And why do we get so worked up over occasional sexual missteps of people in power positions when we should be paying a lot more attention to the Morality of their policies? In his easy reading Essays Wolfgang Mack takes a fresh and courageous look at today’s attitudes on human behavior and sexuality. Starting with a survey of the historic roots of our moral concepts the author takes us on a journey to show how our present day Morality has been shaped by the recent major changes in the way we live - foremost the huge increases in life expectancy coupled with advances in medical science, sociology and even theology. These Essays are meant to help readers of all ages to better understand today’s codes of behavior and to make them more comfortable with their own sexuality. Far from wanting to invent yet another rigid set of moral rules this book encourages independent thinking to find your own set of moral values that make you comfortable within yourself and in your surroundings, at school, at the workplace and above all in the family