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Larry Spencer
In Search of Ina Byers
A perennial high school crush turns toxic when Ina Byers returns to her hometown of Bakersfield after a ten-year absence to bury her estranged grandmother. Still harboring the profound affect she had on him, Jake Reilly stirs up old feelings and is once again struck down by her unconventional Bohemian allure, rough edges and offbeat persona. For most, she was trouble. But for Jake Reilly she was his kind of perfect. Unable to reinforce his true feelings before she leaves town, Jake misses the opportunity to establish himself as a serious suitor and continues to run the family business (a roadside diner) until it begins to collapse around him. Desperate for balance and driven by his obsession, he decides to leave the nothingness of his life in Bakersfield and follow Ina hoping to reconnect with the free spirited girl that fulfilled his thirst for intimacy on the cold diner floor in the summer of 2004. Little did he realize the pitfalls that lie ahead. A victim of her feminine wiles; seduction, deception, and manipulation, he found himself the prime suspect in a murder investigation. Is this a frame-up or was Jake Reilly guilty as charged?